Pegleg Web Designs offers exemplary customer service to our clients by not only providing them with the website that they want, but also educating them on the finer points of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), what drives traffic to your site, the importance of social media and also instructing you how to blog by using WordPress. We offer a one on one two hour tutorial for our clients if they choose to write a blog. It’s all part of our package!

1. Project Management – Certified for over twenty years thru, I assist clients with a solid plan from idea generation to website launch.

  • Flowchart of website included

2. Consultation with Client (in person, email or phone)

  • Discuss your online goals
  • Target Audience
    • Connection Info
    • Domain name research and registration (if
    • Hosting space purchase assistance (if required)
    • Hosting space information needed (if you already
      have a hosting provider)
      • Microsoft or Unix based platform
      • Login and password to your FTP space in order to
        upload final pages

3. Three Different Composite Designs

  • Can be mixed or changed to arrive to final
    approved design
  • Logo Creation (if required)

4. Website Build

  • Page creation
  • Custom Graphics, if required
  • Stock Photography, if required
  • Forms with MAILTO Functionality
  • Hyperlinks to external websites, existing
    shopping cart databases or other databases for shared space with others
  • Web content writing for SEO Optimization
  • Test site for page approval/changes
  • Uploading of final pages to your personal hosting space
  • Minor updates and changes for 2 months free after launch
  • SEO best practices for web design which includes registering your website to all the major search engines thru
  • Flash development, jquery development
  • Video Embedding (must be in .flv format or
    linked on an external site such as YouTube).

Additional Marketing items outside of building your website include:

  • E-Newsletter design to advertise to your contacts on your latest news, events, upcoming promotions, tips, coupons, etc. You can see samples of my E-Newsletters here.
  • Blog design thru WordPress to write about your specific industry related topics, or whatever you feel passionate about writing. Blogging is a great SEO booster for your business and is a great inbound marketing tool. We also provide a hands-on two hour tutorial on posting your blog, navigating your WordPress Dashboard, the use of widgets and more!
  • SEO Documentation and Consultation to explain the finer points in SEO and how designing your site for optimal SEO can expose your business online even more.
  • Facebook Landing Page design for a more professional social media presence.

Custom designs are done thru Dreamweaver. Template designs for post launch maintenance on your own are done thru WordPress.

Prices for web design, blog design and e-newsletters

Pricing Schedule

Pegleg Web Designs feels it’s very important that we keep our prices competitive and affordable for our small business clients. In understanding budget constraints, we do our best to keep our costs to a minimum. Below is a schedule for website design prices, blog design costs, E-newsletter cost information, and logo creation pricing.

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