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Client Reviews About Pegleg Web Designs

Online Marketing Success I Can Finally Hear Birds - Get The Book

I came to Pegleg Web Design with a “feeling” of what I wanted in a website and how I wanted to present my Interior Decorating business. Nancy took the time to ask a lot of questions about my target audience, the focus of my business and what I hoped to achieve through the website.  She then did some very thorough research on the interior decorating business and how it is presented in other websites and what her vision of my website might consist of to separate mine from the pack.  She hit a homerun with the design, the content and the related blog and Facebook page!!  I think one of the best parts of what Nancy provides in her service is the time she takes with you just as the website goes live.  She teaches you how to manage your site, your blog, your Facebook page.  I’ve learned so much from her!  Pegleg Web Design is honestly the best value out there when it comes to creative web design that is also associated with a hands-on tutorial.

I’ve gotten such positive feedback from everything she provided and continue to pick up new clients for The Decorista all the time! - Donna Fiedler, The Decorista

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Nancy has written two books about hearing loss and Meniere's Disease. You can purchase them in either Kindle or paperback format through Amazon. Being a HearStrong Champion, it is her commitment to educate and break the social stigma that hearing loss and dizziness brings to those who have it.

Links to the books:

Bobble Head - Nook Version

Bobble Head - Paperback Version

I Can Finally Hear Birds - Nook Version

I Can Finally Hear Birds - Paperback Version

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